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From:Cixi Luosaifei Kayak Co., Ltd.     Release time:2018-09-27

Overview:Congratulations if you’re a new kayak owner!  The next step should be to learn your kayak. Familiarize yourself with the  don’ts. Firstly, don’t kayak without a life jacket.

These step fitting:

-Loosen all straps and buckles.

-Put on the PED and do up any front bucklesor front zips(not including chest harnesses)

-Tighten all straps, starting from the waist andworking your way up-wards to the shoulder straps. Finish by sitting down and checking shoulder straps.

Universal sizing from a slim 78 cm/31” chest to super-size 126 cm/ 50” chest with no sacrifice in comfort. Highly adjustable shoulders and side straps make the Universal vest to share with the whole family during the summer holidays.

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